We look forward to meeting you and hope the following information will help your first visit to our studios run smoothly.

Location - San-Marie Studios, Guildprime Business Centre, Southend Road, Billericay, CM11 2PZ. Our studios are located on the Guildprime Business Centre. On entering the site, you will see our studios on your right, however, there is a one-way system in place and therefore you will need to drive around the site. San-Marie Studios will be the last building you pass on your right.

Parking - We have eight parking spaces to the front of the studios, we ask that parents fill the back spaces first allowing as many cars as possible to park, we encourage parents to park three deep if car length allows. We have an additional six spaces at the rear of Guildprime, marked U2. If you do park in other spaces, we ask that you are courteous to other business owners.

Studio Access - During Covid we have kept the studio doors open to increase ventilation. During this time unfortunately parents have not been allowed into the reception area. Normally each student is issued a security code or key card to allow access into the premises, this is to ensure the safety of each student.  We are continuing to follow this protocol for the time being. Parents of students who attend Little Stars are allowed to accompany their child into their class and throughout the lesson.

Reception - Normally our reception provides seating for parents and students who are waiting to attend class. We ask that this area be kept tidy and siblings of students and non-members to remain seated quietly.  In this area, there is a TV, free wi-fi with USB and socket points, please remember that some students use this area to study. The reception also has coffee and tea making facilities, we ask that payment is made via an honesty box. We have now also installed a screen where parents can view all three studios.

WC/Changing Facilities -  The WC and changing facilities and baby changing area are accessible via the warm-up lobby. We ask that parents and non-students only access this area to use the facilities. Students can only remain in this area if they are warming up for class.

Studios - We have three studios, all with sprung flooring, mirrors, air-conditioning, surround sound and WC. These studios also have interlinking doors, therefore students who attend follow-on dance classes can safely change classes without having to leave the studios.

New Members – Please complete the class choice form and registration form that automatically follows this information sheet. Completing this form before attending your first class will allow us to have students details and emergency contact details prior to attending classes. Completing this form does not tie any new member into joining San-Marie. If you do decide that San-Marie is not the right school for you, please drop us an email and we will remove your details from our database.

Free Trial Session(s) & Membership - All new members receive their first week of classes free of charge. If you wish to join as a member your profile will be updated and a £10 one-off joining fee will be applied to your account, this will include your door security code being issued. After your trial session please email office@san-marie.co.uk to confirm which classes you would like to attend or confirming the deletion of profile from our database.

Fees -  Fees for each class will be divided into equal monthly instalments from 1st September through to 1st July, or if joining part way throughout the year from the 1st of the following month. Payments are made by the first of each month by either debit/credit card, auto-pay or cash via the San-Marie office. Late payments will incur a £5 fee, for this reason, we recommend that parents sign up to our direct debit/GoCardless auto-pay system.

Uniform - New students are advised to wear comfortable clothing, such as leggings, shorts and t-shirts. As outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio, we ask that new students and parents attending pre-school classes wear socks in the studio unless you own dance shoes. Once you are signed up as a member, we ask that you purchase the uniform required for class. A full list of class uniform requirements can be found at https://www.sanmarie.co.uk/whatuniform  All uniform can be purchased online at our shop and will be handed out at the beginning of class. When ordering shoes, we recommend that you come into reception and try some on to ensure the correct size is ordered.