A note to all parents….


Performance Classes –

To perform on stage is a magical experience, it allows you time to escape from normality and experience something special and memorable.


At San-Marie we have two performance groups. Performance Dance, for students of all abilities who love to dance. These are classes where students can enjoy meeting new friends, learn new routines and performing in our annual show.


We also run Advanced Performance Dance, these classes are for students who show a natural flair for dance. Students attending these advanced performance classes must have a strong commitment to dance, as a minimum, students must attend ballet/modern and tap exam classes, with many attending up to eight classes a week. Students who take these classes may be chosen to represent the school in both the Display and Select Teams. However, please bear in mind that these classes do not suit everyone, there is an element of pressure put on these performers which doesn't suit every individual. 


We try to arrange classes so that every child and young adult has the opportunity to develop, flourish and grow, but ultimately continue to build on their passion to dance. This means that there will be times when your child may be the oldest or youngest in their class. Please help them to see this as an opportunity for either their confidence to grow as an older member of a group or to challenge themselves as a younger participant. We know that by showtime each and every one of the students will have worked as a team to make their dances the best they can be.


Examination Classes –

Exam classes can suit a number of different children, from wanting to improve their dance skills through grades or because they find a structured approach to learning more suitable than a performance class. Exam classes teach the basics of steps that evolve and increase in difficulty as your child progresses through the grades.


It has always been my advice, that no matter what the age of a student that they start in the lower grades. By doing so students learn the basic steps, how to stand, what each step is called and how it is formed. Older students who start dance later in their life will still find this grounding enormously helpful and it will bed their later understanding and improve their technical ability. 


Different students will progress at different rates and exam classes cater to this well. Please never compare the progress of each pupil, we treat each student individually so they will naturally progress at a different rate, essentially that is what makes each student unique and we like to pride ourselves in the knowledge that we treat each student as such. 


As teachers, it is our goal and personal challenge to ensure that every student meets their full potential. We will enter students into exams based on our assessment of whether a student has reached their full potential – remember that might be where a student is already performing well but we believe that they can be outstanding as well as where a student just needs a bit more practice to ensure that steps are performed technically correct.


It is never too late to start dancing, one of our students who joined us as a teenager started in grade one tap and progressed quickly by taking an exam every term. She successfully achieved her Intermediate Vocational Exam and has been accepted into dance college.


As a parent, please trust us as teachers to do what is best for your child, whether you have chosen San-Marie as a club for your child to meet new friends, as a fitness sport or a lifetime career. We would never have chosen this career without the passion for performance combined with the love of teaching.


  Lisa x