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Parental & Student Consent Form - April, 2024

Assist us in ensuring your child's safety and collaborating to honour your preferences.

Students details for all students under the age of 18.

Emergency contact details


Performance Media Notice: Please be aware that all students participating in San-Marie productions will be subject to filming and photography. Such media content will subsequently be made available for purchase to members of the San-Marie community. Please confirm your consent.

Performance Media Policy

Social Media Usage: Throughout the year, media footage and photographs captured during events, including performances, may feature on our website and social media platforms. Please indicate your consent to social media usage.

Social Media Policy

Staff Media Policy: Our staff at San-Marie may use their personal mobile devices to record dances/classes as a teaching aid. These recordings are exclusively for instructional purposes, not for social media, and are deleted upon completion of the dance/class segment. Please indicate your content to the staff media policy.

Staff Media Policy

Shared Media Policy: Media recorded during classes may be shared within a group chat or among members to facilitate home practice. Please acknowledge and agree that any footage captured at San-Marie Studios is not to be distributed on any social media platforms by parents or students

Shared Media Policy


To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students please read the following and agree to your consent.


The studios will be accessible 15 minutes before the beginning of the first class. Kindly refrain from entering the building before this designated time.


All students who have not yet reached school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the premises at all times. Students who attend Little Stars are allowed one adult per student into the studio itself.

Please note that San-Marie staff only resume responsibility for students during their classes.

Parents of students up to academic Year 6 must be accompanied onto the premises by an adult. This accompanying adult must remain with the student and retains responsibility for them outside of their scheduled classes.

Although staff will accompany students from Reception to Year 6 to their follow-on classes, we cannot assume responsibility for students who have breaks between lessons.


Students in Year 7 and above will be expected to attend their classes independently at the scheduled time. We kindly request that this information be communicated to students, reminding them to wait quietly and responsibly in the reception area.

Once a student enters the studio building, it is mandatory for them to stay until the completion of their final class. Please ensure that this is communicated to your son or daughter. If a student needs to leave before the end of their regular timetable, a parent or guardian must confirm their early departure via the WhatsApp Absentees & Authorisation for Changes List. If access to The WhatsApp Absentees & Authorisation for Changes List is unavailable, please provide a physical letter to be handed to the teacher at the start of their class. We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us via email to notify an absence, as the information may not reach the intended teacher before the student leaves class.

At the conclusion of their timetable session, all students up to Year 6 must be collected from the reception area, by an adult or leave the premises with a sibling who is aged Year 7 and above if permission has been provided. Please note that San-Marie Staff hold no responsibility for any student once they have left the premises.

For students in Year 7 and above, they are permitted to leave the studios at the conclusion of their timetabled session. As a safety precaution, we recommend that these students stay within the black railing area of our studio premises and parents drive around the perimeter to collect them from the gate. Please note that once these students (Year 7+) leave their class (at any time) San-Marie staff are no longer responsible for them.

Please allow an older sibling to take responsibility for a Year 6 and below sibling after class.


San-Marie uniform has been designed for comfort, support and freedom of movement, whilst creating a sense of equality. After completing a six-week period at the school, members are required to purchase the set class uniform. It is important that shoes are properly fitted and hair is tied back. Students not wearing the correct uniform may be requested to remove the non-uniform item or asked to observe the class if it is not appropriate for them to continue.

Students must bring a bag into class to hold their dance shoes and water. All items must be appropriately labelled. If students need to bring additional items to the studios, we kindly request that these be kept in the changing room to maintain a safe and clutter-free reception area. Items left around the building will be placed in the lost property box.

Thank you!

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